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Struggling to get started with meditation?
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If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then this book is for you!

This Helpful eBook is a short and easy to read 101 Meditation book for beginners without overwhelming with too much info. 

In this book you will learn:
•    Top 5 smartphone apps to help in motivating you to start Meditation
•    Choose your suitable types of Meditation
•    Only 5 steps to master your Meditation 
•    Solutions to the common barrier of Meditation
•    And Much, much more!
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Meet the Author
Calvin Jacobs is an author of the short and easy to read self-help book called Meditation Made Simple: 10 Minutes Each Day Can Lead to Rejuvenation and Long-lasting Wellness

With over a decade of meditating, Calvin has gained many experiences and benefited from the practice.  Knowing that meditation not only can revitalize our energy but too can heal many forms of sicknesses, Calvin has a mission to help people by sharing his meditation experience. 

Calvin has a computer science degree at Curtin University Western Australia. He was a committee member of the Lions Clubs International. He likes to volunteer in community service.

Calvin is also a vegetarian, he strongly believes that We Eat Food like Medicine so We Don't Need to Eat Medicine as Food. He also practices 8 Brocades (a kind of stretching exercise) every day. He is interested in promoting health betterment and tranquility. Calvin will continue to write more health books or create videos to benefit society.
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Additional note:
I earnestly encourage everyone to meditate and I would like to share my perception.

As we meditate, not only is our benefit limitless, but the benefit that we share with the entire world is also measureless. Someone may object, "How can I share my benefit with all humanity?" Now, because everyone in the world is competing for fame and profit, killing energy is filling up the atmosphere. We selfishly strive for personal profits, fighting among ourselves until the world is gradually entering into a “tremendous mess”.  When we meditate diligently, our effort can unknowingly eradicate this killing energy, and then the world will no longer be in danger.

How can we eradicate it? The air has been polluted with many toxic substances, which directly or indirectly influence our health. Take a look at the many strange diseases that spread rapidly nowadays, which doctors have no way to cure. Such diseases occur because the atmosphere has been polluted, fouled by poisonous vapors everywhere. We can detoxify the air by sitting in meditation and emitting light of wisdom from our meditative state.  This light of wisdom is a form of energy; when these energy waves pass through the air, they have the effect of detoxifying it. They transform the contaminated air into clean air. This is how a meditator can heal the illnesses of the world.

How could meditation detoxify the air? If all people can unite their efforts to help cure the diseases of the world through this kind of energy wave then the defiled air in this world will decrease day-by-day. The radiant, wholesome air will increase daily, and before long the air will become completely pure and clean. You should know that polluted air is poison, and radiant air is wisdom.

Not only should you meditate, but you should encourage your friends to meditate, too. The benefit of meditation is measureless and boundless. It helps the body and mind in inconceivable ways. All of us should work hard and meditate well! Let the wisdom light radiate throughout the universe, so that the toxins in the air will be spontaneously eliminated. 

It is very important to note that all we need to do is to stop our delusional thoughts, and then we can emit the light of wisdom. This wisdom light will shine throughout the universe and detoxify the air. It can eliminate the toxic in the air so that humanity will no longer be plagued by fatal diseases.

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