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Struggling to get started with meditation?
No time to meditate?
Having obstacles while meditating?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then this book is for you!

This Helpful eBook is a short and easy to read 101 Meditation book for beginners without overwhelming with too much info. 

In this book you will learn:
•    Top 5 smartphone apps to help in motivating you to start Meditation
•    Choose your suitable types of Meditation
•    Only 5 steps to master your Meditation 
•    Solutions to the common barrier of Meditation
•    And Much, much more!
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It is NOT ONLY available in Amazon Kindle Book Store.
It is available worldwide.

About the Author

Calvin Jacobs is an author of the short and easy to read self-help book called Meditation Made Simple10 Minutes Each Day Can Lead to Rejuvenation and Long-lasting Wellness

With over a decade of meditating, Calvin has gained many experiences and benefited from the practice.  Knowing that meditation not only can revitalize our energy but too can heal many forms of sicknesses, Calvin has a mission to help people by sharing his meditation experience. 

Calvin has a computer science degree at Curtin University Western Australia. He was a committee member of the Lions Clubs International. He likes to volunteer in community service.

Calvin is also a vegetarian, he strongly believes that We Eat Food like Medicine so We Don't Need to Eat Medicine as Food. He also practices 8 Brocades (a kind of stretching exercise) every day. He is interested in promoting health betterment and tranquility. Calvin will continue to write more health books or create videos to benefit society.


Free Copy of the Book
★★★★★ A Powerful Read!
"I truly enjoyed this book! The author was very 'mindful' of almost every conceivable human behavior that prevents us from taking just 10 minutes a day to create a healthy habit of conquering the monkey mind! Although I have been an 'off again and on again' meditator, Calvin's book reminded me of 'why' meditation is so important, various methods to explore. What I really found helpful was the resonating with the 'common barriers' with practical problem and solution answers! The meditation app suggestions are super instrumental for developing the good habit of meditating! Grateful for the author writing this gentle reminder to overcome barriers, understand meditation and conquer life through meditation! Bravo!" Elizabeth OCarroll 
★★★★★ Time is important!
“I already knew about the benefits of meditation for quite some time but I really have no time for it. This book was a lifesaver because it showed me quick and simple meditations that I could fit into my hectic life. I particularly love the 10-minute meditations, which I started doing on my lunch time at work.
I would strongly recommend this book for beginners who want to start meditating, but can’t find the time like other meditation books suggest.”  Peter
★★★★★ Great Resource to Jumpstart Your Meditation Habit
“As a counselor, I am constantly encouraging my clients to engage in daily meditation to help deal with various disorders and issues. However, many struggle to start or maintain the practice of daily meditation because the information available in most cases is far too overwhelming. Well, no more. Calvin Jacobs does an amazing job of providing a brief primer on the basics of meditation. Everything you need to know to get started, including a review of various meditation apps is provided in this easy-to-follow book. If you have been considering starting meditation I would definitely encourage you to start with this book. You can't go wrong.”  Eddie Capparucci, LPC, CSAS, CPCS
★★★★★ An interesting guide to meditation
"This was a short easy read providing some useful tips for beginners on how to meditate. I found the book to be a really handy guide on how to go about doing meditation to find inner peace. I received an early copy of the book and this is my honest and voluntary review."  Ramji


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